About Us

How it all started

The story begins with one guy called Ed and his wife Abi moving into their first home and finding that they have very little freedom to decorate their rented space. Frustrated by this, Ed harnessed his creative prowess to design a graphic that he could produce through a friend’s sign company. Not thinking the idea would take off, he posted some pictures on Facebook (other social networks are available) and the response was overwhelming. This unexpected feedback clearly highlighted that people were actively seeking out wall art and decals that are design focused, imaginative and unique…Vinyl Impression was born!

We’ve since moved from a garage to a commercial unit but all the way remaining resolute in providing only the best in design and service. As the floor space has increased so has the team and we are more driven then ever to source new designs and designers to guarantee the end result is perfect.

Come meet the team


Ed is our fearless leader and the founding father of Vinyl Impression. Ed’s creative flare combined with his high energy and passion ensures we pursue only top quality design that is neatly packaged in and efficient service. Ed is a proud graduate of the ‘Sexey’ school in Somerset, but we are yet to see the proof of his sexy education…


Nate is the lynch pin to our business development and is a passionate perfectionist. With briefcase and parker, this classy gentleman was born with a ruthless eye for detail and drive that causes everyone around him to raise their game. It is rumoured, but never proved, that Nate's first word as a baby was "spreadsheet".


Dom AKA Domsky is our production ninja tasked with the mission to produce and send your decals from our HQ In the UK to wherever you may be. His stealth like moves continue to the dance floor and would certainly take you down in a dance-off.


Joe is our main man for bringing our sometimes-chaotic creativity together. The office is Joe’s kingdom and he rules his domain with a sense of calm and precision, keeping us all in line and fully equipped to do what we all do best. Joe is a one cool dude and is a lover of music and Conchology...hold up, what is that?!


Tara is our lead designer and an expert in all things creative suite. Tara’s self-appointed nickname around the office is The Empress, which is very apt as she manages her team with poise and grace.  


The funkiest and most stylish member of our team is Kat. She is the owner and creator of The Joy Press and is the one to whom we look to make all things hand drawn. She works with Paper and pen and is incredibly talented. You can commission Kat to design you something totally custom for you or your business, but be quick, she is a really busy bee and in high demand. We are so lucky to have her and love having her as part of our team.


Dan is our computer whiz kid who came to join the team after completing a school based work experience. His talents and impressive work ethic meant one important question had to be raised…Ed, can we keep him?! Dan is so fun to work with but it has been scientifically proven that you can hear his laugh from 1.28 miles away!


Ben is a key member of our channels team, where he oversees our stores on platforms such as Etsy and Bouf. Ben studied applied theology and intercultural context at university, making his noggin’ a good one to have around the office. 


Jamie is a member of our amazing marketing team and is responsible for curating all of our social and creative media channels, ensuring that we only showcase the best content. Jamie is a ridiculously skilled musician and plays five instruments…five!


Noah is one of our very skilled production hands who, along with the rest of the team, crafts all the graphics we design at our manufacturing hub. Noah is one of the most energetic guys around the office and is always good for a laugh.


Jack is another one of our super-talented production team who works tirelessly in a very hot workshop to produce every order. Jack is a seriously good guitarist and is in a band called twentyone.ninety…Check them out


Svet is the head of our installation squad. He is an absolute pro at what he does and has worked with some of the biggest businesses in the world. Never leaving a job until he is completely satisfied, his attention to detail always guarantees every job is completed to the highest standard. If you want your graphic installed, he’s the man!


Ali is the coolest bookkeeper going, whose patience with our sometimes-illogical approach to filing is astounding. Never without a smile, Ali’s bubbly nature adds nothing but giggles to the office. Basically, she rocks!


Abi, Ed's wife is a fundamental part of the team. Couture dress maker by day, business director by night, Abi's supportive role is vital to the team and often sees her adding valuable insights and wisdom into daily decisions. She can often be seen prancing around in a tutu just for fun!

Sore Creations

Sore Creations is the range designed by our very own Leanne Sore, a graphic designer with a real talent. Her passion and creativity combined with her drive to ensure every design is perfect means that all the products in her range will always bring a smile. Although Leanne has designed many of the products found in our kids range, this is just the beginning of her abilities. So, if you would like Leanne to custom design a decal for your home or office all you need do is ask.

Once upon a wall

‘Once upon a wall’ is a range of fairytale stickers designed especially for us by Andy Elkerton, a renowned children’s book illustrator. Andy draws on his vast experience in bringing children’s literature alive so that he can design new graphics that guarantee to spark the imagination and creativity of every child whose room becomes the setting for his stories. Andy’s passion for design is contagious and his skills are second to none.


Joy Press

Joy Press is a the brainchild of the wonderful Kat Gunter. She is a designer with a super funky style, and a passion for everything handmade. Kat also makes cards on her awesome Gocco Printer, and you can search the web for her work, and instagram too. She is the latest addition to our artist family and we are thrilled to have her designs going out to the masses.

Three Reasons to pick Vinyl Impression

We are green

…75% more green in-fact! Our new printing system has a 100% energy star certified rating and the materials we now use are 55% more recyclable. Not only this but we do not use solvent-based inks during production and none of our products contain harmful VOC chemicals making them suitable for schools and hospitals.

Style doesn’t have to cost the earth.

We are unique

Cutting edge design courses through our veins and we are constantly on the look out for new designs, talent and inspiration so that we can consistently offer you products that are unrivalled in quality and individuality.

We are the whole shebang

Graphics is what we do, but what we absolutely love is the opportunity to run with your ideas and transform them into concepts that we can carry through to realisation. By teaming up through the whole process means our collaboration is guaranteed to leave you with a beaming smile and a stunning graphic.

Concept, artwork, manufacture, installation…yep, the whole shebang!