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About Us

What makes us tick

Who we are

What makes us, us!

Vinyl impression is made up of a team of creative individuals who love to design and create imaginative environmental graphics for offices and decal stickers for homes.

At Vi, we offer the whole shebang, meaning we have the team in place to take your order all the way from the generation of ideas through design and artwork, production and installation. Our ethos is entirely based on your experience with us during the process and of course with the end result.


Where we came from

From the dawn of time

Vi, like all good businesses, started life in a front room. Ed, aka the boss, was at the time a newly married man and along with his wife they needed to decorate their rented home without causing any damage to walls. It was in a moment of creativity to overcome this challenge the idea for Vinyl Impression was born.

Since then VI has grown at a rapid rate, bursting out of one house and spreading into the homes and businesses of others all around the globe.


What we do

Is also what we love

Vinyl Impression is a design-focused surface graphics specialist that produces superior quality large format digital prints.

At Vi, we partner with you to transform your walls, windows and floors by using skillfully designed vinyl wall stickers, murals, decals, wall art transfers and coverings. Our Graphic solutions are designed and produced to give an outstanding finish, allowing your space to reflection you or you brand personality.

Our clients come from across all sectors including healthcare, education, finance, office fit out, architects and PR agencies to name a few.

Meet the team

In all their glory

  • Ed

    Ed is our fearless leader and the founding father of Vinyl Impression. Ed’s creative flare combined with his high energy and passion ensures we pursue only top quality design that is neatly packaged in and efficient service. Ed is a proud graduate of the ‘Sexey’ school in Somerset, but we are yet to see the proof of his sexy education…

  • Nate

    Nate is the lynch pin to our business development and is a passionate perfectionist. With briefcase and parker, this classy gentleman was born with a ruthless eye for detail and drive that causes everyone around him to raise their game. It is rumoured, but never proved, that Nate's first word as a baby was "spreadsheet".

  • Joe

    Joe is our main man for bringing our sometimes-chaotic creativity together. The office is Joe’s kingdom and he rules his domain with a sense of calm and precision, keeping us all in line and fully equipped to do what we all do best. Joe is a one cool dude and loves music, specifically the band Boyce Avenue and his Ibanez guitar.

  • Neil

    Neil heads up our production crew and oversees our manufacturing studio. With nearly 20 years experience in the industry, he is extremely knowledgeable and pulls our talented team together to craft our high quality products. Neil loves motorbikes and is the proud owner of a Triumph Daytona.

  • Dom

    Dom AKA Domsky is our production ninja tasked with the mission to produce and send your decals from our HQ In the UK to wherever you may be. His stealth like moves continue to the dance floor and would certainly take you down in a dance-off.

  • Tara

    Tara is our lead designer and an expert in all things creative suite. Tara’s nickname around the office is The Empress, which is very apt as she manages projects with poise and grace. Tara loves packaging design and her two cats Flapjack and Shrimp.

  • Kat

    Kat is the owner and creator of The Joy Press, a print making company that creates high quality lino prints and much more. Kat is exceptionally skilled at creating hand drawn designs that can be transformed into graphics, giving a unique style and visual effect. Kat loves to cycle and is a very proud owner of a Victoria Pendleton bicycle.

  • Ben

    Ben is a key member of our channels team, who oversee our stores on platforms such as Etsy and Bouf. Ben studied applied theology in intercultural contexts at university, which has given him a sharp mind that is ideal to have around the office. Ben is a passionate photographer with a keen eye and is very gifted when it comes to our photoshoots.

  • Jamie

    Jamie is a member of our amazing marketing team and is responsible for curating all of our social and creative media channels, ensuring that we only showcase the best content. Jamie is a ridiculously skilled musician and plays five instruments…five!

  • Noah

    Noah is one of our very skilled production hands who, along with the rest of the team, crafts all the graphics we design at our manufacturing hub. Noah is one of the most energetic guys around the office and is always good for a laugh.

  • Svet

    Svet is the head of our installation squad. He is an absolute pro at what he does and has worked with some of the biggest businesses in the world. Never leaving a job until he is completely satisfied, his attention to detail always guarantees every job is completed to the highest standard. If you want your graphic installed, he’s the man!

  • Ali

    Ali is the coolest bookkeeper going, whose patience with our sometimes-illogical approach to filing is astounding. Never without a smile, Ali’s bubbly nature adds nothing but giggles to the office. Basically, she rocks!

  • Abi

    Abi, Ed's wife is a fundamental part of the team. Couture dress maker by day, business director by night, Abi's supportive role is vital to the team and often sees her adding valuable insights and wisdom into daily decisions. She can often be seen prancing around in a tutu just for fun!

  • Leanne

    Leanne is one of our talented designers who loves conceptual design and is the creator of our very popular Baby Jungle Scenes. Leanne has a 1st class degree in graphic design, but more impressively has a certificate for winning a spam-eating contest.

Reasons to choose us

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    Our new printing system has a 100% energy star certified rating and the materials we now use are 55% more recyclable.


    Cutting edge design courses through our veins and we are constantly on the look out for new inspiration.


    Our collaboration is guaranteed to leave you with a beaming smile and a stunning graphic.


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