City Names Wall Sticker for office or business

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  • This City Names Wall Sticker is inspired for international Businesses who want to visually show their presence in the major cities in the world to their customers or clients. This Sticker comes with huge bragging rights. Or if you are a well travelled individual you might like to show where you have visited, or even lived around the world. The text is totally customisable, so you can change the Cities, or replace with whatever else you like!
    The Pack Contains:
    10x Names of Cities spaced and capitalised. ( Text can be changed, just order and tell us afterwards.)
    1x Detailed Application Instructions.
  • Size Large
    Material Vinyl
    Production time 1 week
    Adhesive Self adhesive Wall Graphic
    Made in Hand Made in the UK
  • Shipping Rates
    Standard UK - £3.99
    Express UK - £10
    Normal Europe - £9.99
    Express Europe - £19.99
    Normal USA - £12.99
    Express USA - £24.99
    Rest of the World - £15.99
    Express Rest of the World - £25.99


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