House Rules Vinyl Wall Sticker

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  • This house rules wall art is a perfect family motto for making a subtle impression and is a constant reminder of the values your household keeps. It is a bit of fun whilst also pointing out some key family expectations. It brings some colour into your home; by picking the colour co-ordinating it with your rooms decor. This sticker is great for kitchens, living rooms, hallways, children’s rooms, bedrooms or your office etc...
    The Pack Contains:
    1 x House Rules text evenly spaced in two colours of your choice. Measuring 60cm W x 115cm H This pack comes as one pre spaced out.
  • Size Large
    Material Vinyl
    Production time 1 week
    Adhesive Self adhesive Wall Graphic
    Made in Hand Made in the UK
  • Shipping Rates
    Standard UK - £3.99
    Express UK - £10
    Normal Europe - £9.99
    Express Europe - £19.99
    Normal USA - £12.99
    Express USA - £24.99
    Rest of the World - £15.99
    Express Rest of the World - £25.99


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