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Your office environment matters...brand it!

We absolutely love offices and we are so passionate about transforming working environments, such as yours, into places bursting with creativity, productivity and innovation through vinyl surface graphics and much more.

Okay, so let’s be honest for a moment. You’re probably thinking ‘you sell stickers so what possible difference can you make to productivity?’ Well, follow me on a little journey while I explain (briefly) why design in your working environment can, and does, make a huge difference to you and your team’s output.

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This morning we sat down as a team and randomly started chatting through what projects we most enjoyed working on over the last few months and I thought you would quite like to hear some of our favourites.

The first project that popped to my mind was our collaboration with TVC...

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New Year, New You

Hey everyone and a happy, although admittedly very belated, New Year!

I love the turning of a new year as it is the perfect window of opportunity to review the successes of the pervious 365 days but, more importantly, a new year gives you a fresh start where you can reignite lost passions by sparking the dreams that you may have put on the back burner. It is an awesome opportunity and one not to be missed as you have the chance to change, learn and grow, which is great as no one likes to stay the exactly the same, right?

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Coming Soon!


That's right folks, we are starting our very own blog so you will be able to keep up with all of the latest and greatest from Vinyl Impression. From our latest products and give away competitions through to 'behind the scenes' of the Vinyl Impression productions lab. So watch this space and we will be back in the new year with our wordsmith Nate to tantalise your creative tastebuds...

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